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Product name : AC start capacitor
Product No. : 2015116123721
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SINO #CD60 Motor starting capacitor

1. Safe and long life 
2. Standard:CE, ROHS, UL, TUV 
3. Pollution-free, energy-saving

SINO CD60 Starting capacitor adopted High-purity electronic aluminum foil electrode, alumina media, and non solid electrolyte. It’s round bakelite compression sealed case, optional mounting bracket, double quick connect/solder lugs terminals.

The start capacitor will promote motor torque, at the low starting current. It with good insulation, high strength, no leakage, anti-moisture, anti-vibration, and can bear larger external force.

SINO start capacitor use in single-phase AC motor, air conditioning, refrigerator compressor and so on.

MSDS of SINO #CD60 Motor start capacitor
Capacitance Range  20μF~1535μF
Rated Voltage 110VAC~330VAC(50/60Hz)
Capacitance Tolerance ±10%±15%±20% or  Fulfilled upon request
Loss Tangent Tgδ0.1520, 100Hz
Standard Temperature -40~+65℃,-20~+65
Between derivation terminals AC1.2Un 2S no breakdown 
Between derivation terminals and case AC2000V 2S no breakdown 
Durability R.voltage=160v, charged once per minute, last 1S, total 30000 times
R.voltage160V, charged once per 30S, last 1S, total 75000 times
Executing Standard EIA463IEC60252-2:2003

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