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Product name : Motor starting capacitor
Product No. : 201511616819
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SINO SPP start capacitor adopted temperature characteristics technology of PTC and thermal protection device. So, it enhance more motor starting torque about 200% to 600%. It’s round bakelite compression sealed case, optional mounting bracket, double quick connect/solder lugs terminals.

The start capacitor will promote motor torque, at the low starting current. It with good insulation, high strength, no leakage, anti-moisture, anti-vibration, and can bear larger external force.

SINO start capacitor use in single-phase AC motor, air conditioning, refrigerator compressor and so on.

SINO #SPP start capacitor
Features Install the PTC component
Voltages Ratings 115V-288V AC
Max. Current 22A
Torque Range 200%-600%

Capacitance and dimension(mm) of SINO #SPP Start capacitor
Type D1±1mm D2±1mm D3±1mm H±2mm
SPP4  37 45 46 115
SPP5 37 45 46 130
SPP6  46 45 46 155
SPP7 46 45 46 155
SPP8  46 45 46 155

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