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Product name : Air conditioning capacitor
Product No. : 2015113223149
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SINO CBB65 AC run capacitor

1.CE,CQC & ROHS proved 
2. High quality capacitor 
3. Explosion-proof structure
4.OEM is available

Main Feature:
1. Cylindrical aluminum outer shell. With pressure-isolation explosion-proof device. Welded pads lead-out. 
2. Small bulk volume and light weight. Easy and reliable installation. Good spontaneous cure.
3. Application of P-ZnRx and many other high-tech results. SINO #CBB65 capacitor with good electric feature and high reliability.
4. Large resistance to electric shock. High electric resistance.
5. Suitable for start and running of 50Hz/60Hz AC motor. Especially suitable for application in series-parallel networks of domestic electric appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and lights.

MSDS of SINO #CBB65 AC run capacitor
 Capacitance Range 5μF~80μF
Rated Voltage 250VAC~500VAC(50/60Hz)
Capacitance Tolerance ±5% or Fulfilled upon request
Loss Tangent Tgδ≤0.002(50Hz-100Hz)
Standard Temperature 70, 85, 105
Climate Class 25/70/21, 40/85/21
Test Voltage Between terminals AC≥2.00Un 2S NO BREAKDOWN
Between terminals and case  AC≥2000V 2S NO BREAKDOWN
 Insulation Resistance Between terminals Rj·C≥3000MΩ.μF
Between terminals and case Rj≥1000 MΩ.μF
 Security Level P1, P2
 Executing Standard GB/T3667.1-2005, IEC60252-1:2001, IEC252

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